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Hi all,

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good function generator with a 50Ohm output impedance?

Ideally something cheap/simple.

We need more info than that.
Cheap is not a universal term.
Also, new or second hand?

Thanks for your reply. New. And cheap defined as <600USD.

Mostly I'm looking to check that some data capture devices are more or less in calibration, but it would be nice to have something that was a useful piece of lab equipment.

I can recommend the Siglent SDG1000 series. But I don't know whether it fits cheap. What I like about it is that it shows the parameters (frequency, amplitude, offset, repetition rate, etc) of the waveform on the display in a graph.

Or the Rigol DG1022,

Quality build inside, and not to expensive. My favorite.


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