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GDM-8351 DMM calibration procedure

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I'm looking for the calibration procedure on this DMM or service manual if anyone has it.

Question,  did you ask Gw Instek ??

Yes heres the answer:

"IF you find that your unit is giving false readings and it has to be adjusted/repaired, then this can only be done by GW representative."

I was asking for the calibration procedure.

Trying to ask here since someone succeeded with the GDM-8251 calibration procedure and posted it here. But the 8351 doesnt have an USB Type-A port.

Hello everyone,

Has anyone made any progress with the calibration procedure for this multimeter?
I just got it second hand and would like to do a calibration/adjustment.

So far what I have been able to find is that the procedure from the older model which had a dedicated USB port for the calibration key cannot be used as it is missing on this model.
I have also asked GW instek support for the procedure but the reply was clear - they will not share it unless you are an accredited laboratory or authorised distributor. :-//


--- Quote ---I just got it second hand and would like to do a calibration/adjustment.
--- End quote ---

Is that necessary, how did you find out?
Do you have the appropriate means for such a calibration?
If not, I would have the meter calibrated externally if I were you.


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