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GDS-2072E 1Mpoints FFT -> I'm impressed.
« on: February 13, 2016, 01:05:35 am »
I tinkered a bit around mine GDS-2072E's internal FFT function and i have to say i'm seriously impressed with the results, considered the instrument's cost.

The spectrum trace update rate at 1Mpoints FFT is around one per second, similar to what i get with the DS1054Z in memory mode FFT of course with waaay less points, but the rest of UI is managed a lot faster,  ie cursor's position controls are very fluid, sign that we actually have multi threaded code execution spreaded on dual Zynq's cores.

The FFT function UI control is not optimal but way better than Rigol, i'm getting used anyway; adding this to the overall massive performance gap renders the FFT DS1000Z spectrum less than a toy in comparison .

In attachment some spectrum screens taken with 0dBm/50ohm sine carriers of 1Mhz, 28Mhz and 40Mhz and some fine AM/FM modulations applied (50hz, 1Khz, 5Khz ), 1Mpoints setting.
The channel vertical setting is not optimized, the signal amplitude is always under 1/3 of the full vertical scale, so better S/N are actually achievable.

Carrier and modulation settings are described in filenames.

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