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GDS2062 Oscilloscope Question


Hi Guys,

I decided to take apart my oscilloscope the other day just to check it out. When I put it back together, no screws were left which gave me some confidence that I did not hash something up, but I have a 2 wire connector coming from the on/off switch on the back (It is actually the switch's second throw) that does not appear to go anywhere. Actually there is one place in the power supply board that appears to be where it should be connected, but if I plug it in, the oscilloscope stops working and a weird popping sound comes out. Without it connected it works just fine.

I am kinda bugged by that leftover connector, and I don't really recall whether it wasn't connected to begin with, So if one of you guys has the same scope, and would like to verify that this connector is actually not connected I would appreciate it! I have attached a photo of the scopes innards to show what I am talking about.


What Model & Brand is the oscilloscope ? Can you get the service Manual for it ?

Otherwise i'd say leave it as it is. If it works fine without the switch don't connect it.


EDIT: Sorry, Just read the title properly. Did not see that the model number was there earlier. Sorry.

I guess you are right I should have mentioned the name and brand in the topic content. Its GW-Instek GDS2062. I could not find a service manual on their website only a user guide.

I still want to make sure it is not connected though.


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