Author Topic: Looking for a Motorola VP22 motherboard (Pentium III PGA370 815E chipset )  (Read 1674 times)

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I am looking for a :

The specialty about this thing :

815E based mother board

MicroATX   <- mechanically important
CPU is positioned directly behind connectors as opposed to much further down <-mechanically important
4PCI slots  <- this is the tricky bit. most motherboards are 1 agp 3 pci ... i need 4 PCI....

i've ordered some generic motherboards from ebay hoping they will work but those are all 810e based. thise 815e is hard to find.

it was made by Motorola ( of all manufaturers ! ) under the product name VP22.
don't bother sending me the link to that motherboard shuffler. theyt don;t have any in stock and cannot source them.

These motherboards are used in certain agilent machines like 54832D scopes and 1980 logic analysers. They all die becahse the south bridges die. It starts with the loss of peripherals and eventually he pci buss locks up. the fix is to replace the chip ... but i'd rather swap the motherboard.

finding the original motorola VP22 board will be almost impossible so the quest is to find a compatible board that can run the PIII 1GHz and runs the scope software without glitches.
i am sitting on 3 of these scopes all with the motherboard problem ...

integrated intel LAN

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