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Title: Ground spring for Rigol RP3300A (2.5mm) probe
Post by: npelov on October 17, 2016, 03:46:09 pm

I lost my ground springs (well I have one) and I want to find replacement. I checked in local rigol representative - 5 pcs cost 27 EUR. I contacted rigol directly - they charge 15 EUR +shipping for 5. If someone have seen what the ground spring looks like, he would know why I'm not willing to pay that much for it. It's not gold plated or something fancy. Just a spring that's similar to a spring in a pen (well maybe there is nickel coating or something). It's not that big deal if I pay 30 EUR, but I don't like to be robbed.

So my question is did someone find a good replacement alternative for the 2.5mm ground springs.

I tried copper wire, but it's too flexible.

Here is a photo of probe + accessories: