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GTP-070B-4 probes
« on: April 25, 2021, 09:45:59 am »
From Dave's video on rigol probes (#707, 3:18 et al) I draw the following conclusions:

1- My 100 MHz doped device with the original 70 MHz probes could have a combined bandwidth of 57 MHz. Based on that calculation, a 100 MHz oscilloscope would need 350 MHz probes.   

2- Manufacturers (all of them, always?) usually provide probes with more bandwidth than officially declared so that the bandwidth of the complete system matches the oscilloscope specification. IIRC, this would be the case for at least some Siglent probes that are officially 100MHz but are actually >300, and it looks as if it would also be the case for the Rigol probes in that video. 150 MHz probes for a 50 MHz 'scope

What about GW Instek? They don't give 150 MHz-rated probes with their 50 MHz device, and I'm unable to find any info about the actual BW neither on this forum nor on GW Instek website.

Probably there is no reason to worry. But,  wouldn't it be nice should manufacturers just give the actual probe BW?

What about probes that can be purchased separately? I mean, the bandwidth they specify is for real, or is also a "derated" specification? One would think that in some cases, it could be overrated instead.


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