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Title: GW Instek product quality
Post by: Gary350z on December 01, 2015, 08:28:34 am
Dave recently tore down the GW Instek GDS-1104B oscilloscope.
I  was wondering what does everyone think about the overall quality of GW Instek products.

The reason I ask is I have a new GW Instek SFG-1013 DDS Function Generator and allthough it
works OK, the top of the case gets very hot which means the parts inside are even hotter, which
does not give me a very good feeling.
Title: GW Instek product quality
Post by: TimNJ on December 01, 2015, 06:09:31 pm
I also don't have too much to base my opinion off of, but I think they are "reputable enough" for a home workbench and non mission critical commercial/industrial work. I have a GFG-8020H function generator and it's pretty good for a basic analog generator. I replaced all of its electrolytic caps because it was used (unknown usage) and a decade old or so, but it probabaly didn't need that.
Title: Re: GW Instek product quality
Post by: fivefish on December 01, 2015, 06:30:58 pm
I have an 8219A... lots of features in a small box. I got this several years ago... An "upgrade" from my eBay Tenma generator. Paid good sum for the GWInstek compared  to the eBay-find generator.

I am sorely disappointed in it because the frequency counter jumps all over the place, not so stable.

I guess its better than nothing. It'll do, gets the job done but nothing to brag about. As I said, it's better than nothing.