Author Topic: Review and tear-down of UNI-T UT612 LCR meter  (Read 83254 times)

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Re: Review and tear-down of UNI-T UT612 LCR meter
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Sorry found your request to late. After some month using the meter all works for me.
I use it for caps and inductivites. Low res measurements isn‘t important for me since I have a HP34401A
with 4wire measurement and kelvin clamps on the bench.
The only downside of the meter are the terrible tips of the tweezer. They are to soft, you need to much pressure to get good contact for calibration and you bend them. And it is hard to get good contact on the pcb. They
should be better gold plated.
I‘m looking for a better solution but are short of time these days.
If some one has a good idea how to improve the tweezer it will be highly appreciated!

PS no clue why the pics are downside  :-//
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