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Hack of Sigllent spectrum analyzer ssa3021X?

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I been waiting for reviews and being really interested to buy one since i saw the hack of  ssa3021X from the post: ( .

it seems the SSA3021X (Original 2.1G and options closed) are upgraded to 3.2G, full options opened.  :-+ :-+
it's impossible for me to judge if the hack really works since i dont have one,,,,anyone who got one at hand can do me a favor to review or to try the hack?

anyway,, 1600 bucks are not a easy budget for me.
Tks in advance

It seems to me you'd want to grab the current FW update just in case it gets pulled.  :-\
Not sure if it has opened the hole to allow the upgrade but just in case it has here's the link:
~7.5 Mb

FYI it was reply #106

Hi Papousek,
Here is some info you may want to know. In order to investigate whether it is a accident event.  I install the old FW again and find out the 'hack' was gone. But when I upgrade to FW07.05 again and do the same thing to it. The 'hack' appeared again! So I think it means people can really hack it with these steps.   ;) Wunderbar

Latest SSA3021X and SSA3032X units are hardware identical and SSA3021X is also calibrated up to 3.2GHz, so yes, SSA3021X is "upgradable" to SSA3032X  ;)


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