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Title: hacking MSO1000Z with USB blaster
Post by: Gioreva on June 01, 2017, 07:10:55 am

I used china USB blaster.
10 hours for download.

Driver of USB blaster is WinUSB 

C:\openocd-0.10.0\bin-x64\openocd.exe -d1 -f C:\openocd-0.10.0\scripts\interface\altera-usb-blaster.cfg -f C:\openocd-0.10.0\scripts\target\imx28.cfg
telnet a : 4444
dump_image rigol.bin 0x40000000 0x3FFFFFF
rigup scan rigol.bin > mso1074zs.txt
rigup license mso1074z.txt 0x1C0FF
On rigol:

if halt do not respond message, remove JTAG and re connect.