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Hacking the HDO1k/HDO4k Rigol 12 bit scope

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--- Quote from: bharathraj199 on May 13, 2024, 09:44:20 pm ---Folks,

I purchased a new DSO (DHO1074). I see the thread to be too lengthy to exactly find the steps to upgrade the bandwidth and memory depth.

Can someone please provide the most reliable procedure to be followed to unlock my scope?


--- End quote ---

Just read posts going one page back... not too difficult

Hello, as a far reading from a newbie who cannot understand things technically well.

I am pretty sure about upgrading 1k to 1k pro max is possible and worth it but

can someone summarize about upgrading from 1k to 4k, is it possible (and worth it) or not yet?

Thanks in advance.

1k pro max? This is not an Iphone area :)
Stay cool. There isn't any way to upgrade to DHO4K. 

Could an oscilloscope of the DHO1K or 4K series take any benefit of an extended interface like this?

As a former DHO1000 owner, I'd say that these scopes with their larger (and higher resolution) screens benefit less from your optimization than the DHO800/900 do. The top and bottom info bars are not as disproportionately large as they are on the small screens, and the layout of the measurement side bar is already more compact. See e.g. the screenshots in this post. Due to the larger trace display area, there is probably less need for a full-screen trace display mode.

Also, since the DHO1000/4000 do not have wave generator or logic analyzer options, there is enough room in the bottom info bar for the four channels plus four individual math channel boxes. Likewise, the top info bar leaves enough room for a few quick access icons on the right. And since the scopes have real-time clocks built in, they are already set up to display the date and time in the bottom right.

Nevertheless, some of your improvements certainly apply to the larger scopes. Probe attenuation factor and trigger coupling indicators, for example, are missing in the DHO1000 and 4000 displays as well and would be a welcome addition.


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