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Hacking the OWON SDS7102 to SDS8102 or better


Hi all,

I was just poking around in the firmware of the owon SDS7102 and i found something interesting.

First manualy unpack the file by opening it with 7-zip (winrar etc doesn't work)
Then go to the following directory


you will find 5 file in there

Open those files with 7-zip and find


In readme.txt there is a line that says help=xxxx serial number i guess.

The files in the folder \SDS8102 and others are just slightly different.

Well I thought that maybe... just maybe we can take the firmware from the \SDS8102\OS_Hx and modify the readme.txt then put it in \SDS7102\ and pack it back to OS_Hx

Is there a chance that the number after OS_H? stands for a certain hardware revision.
Anyone brave enough to try this?

grt Sjoerd

No way!

HW is really different.

SDS7102 use ADC08D500 clone

SDS8102 and 8202 use ADC08D1000 clone made by RuiFeng. (propably same as Rigol DS2000 serie.)[/b]

Also new SDS7102 versions have (typical) BW -3dB point between 170-220MHz depending of voltage range if you have seen tests. It is more than enough for realtime 1GSa/2x500MSa/s scope.

Then also 7102 have full speed memory up to 2x10Mpoints. With one channel it can capture 1GSa/s to 10M sampling buffer. And with 2 channel in use it can 2 x 500MSa/s to both channels own 10Mpoints memory.
If go to 8xxx models all memory over 10k is same speed as in 7102. 8xxx do not give anything more.

How do you know that the hardware is really different?

I really doubt that.

The Rigols were the same, why not the Owons?

*edit* I am really happy with the bandwidth of my scope but hacking stuff is always fun.


--- Quote from: sbeukers on January 22, 2013, 10:26:55 pm ---How do you know that the hardware is really different?

I really doubt that.

--- End quote ---

Judging from his signature I would guess he sells this stuff. ;-)


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