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Hacking the Rigol MSO5000 series oscilloscopes

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solved th problem. The problem was that when i unziped  this files 01_03_00_03.bspatch file unziped uncorrectly. do not why. when it is correct it shows like txt file when not - like file.

Worked perfectly. Note both the FW version and the date must match:

--- Quote ---FW:01_03_00_03
Build: 2021-10-18

--- End quote ---

For some reason I had a MSO5074 with the same FW but a slightly older date. The patch failed on the checksum match and I had to "update" to the official FW. I downloaded that from because two different links on the Rigol site kept timing out.

Otherwise, piece of cake. Didn't need to wipe the USB stick in between either. Just make sure the correct files are at root level.

Wife got me a 5074 for my birthday.  I really want the increased bandwidth, but I am terrified of bricking the scope.   I haven't let it update itself over the internet yet, for fear of it loading a version of FW that isn't hackable.  I'll do a lot more reading of this thread before I do anything, but is there any last minute stuff I need to know before trying this?  It looks like this process is continually evolving as each newer firmware
version comes out.  Thanks for reading.

I'm not sure it's possible to brick it. You can reset it to the factory firmware with a suitable USB stick.

Bought my MSO5074 this month from Batronix with 2022/01/22 factory calibration date

I actually applied included promo bundle (all options except memory and bandwidth upgrade) first.
Then followed this guide: (skipped FW upgrade because I had already latest one)

Everything worked as described!

Now any ideas how to patch tastefully RIGOL sticker label on unit? 
Edit: It looks we have:  8)


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