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Hacking the Rigol MSO5000 series oscilloscopes

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Thanks for the reply. I am using a TGF-4242 240MHZ function generator. Also a bnc to bnc patch cable through a Rigol ADP0150BNC 50Ω Impedance Adapter. This should match the 50ohm output of the function generator. I have the scope set for full bandwidth. There are 20,100,200MHZ options but none of these are selected.
In a couple of weeks I hope to get a Rigol DSG821  2.1GHz RF Signal Generator. This will give a second RF source just in case I am doing anything really dumb with the TGF-4242. I am always ready to admit to doing dumb things now and again.


--- Quote from: db6178 on April 09, 2021, 08:12:51 am ---I just liberated my new MSO5074 yesterday, FW build 2020-05-18, easy peasy and purring like a pussy.

I've attached the necessary files and describe below what I did for the convenience of others. Nothing new, it all comes from previous posts.

Steps I took to liberate the scope:

* Verified installed FW is version build date May 18, 2020 (Utility => System => About)
* Copied three files, that can be extracted from attached .7z archive, to root of empty 8GB FAT32 USB drive
* Started up scope
* Inserted drive to front panel USB port
* Utility => System => Help => Local upgrade
* "Upgrade system firware?" => OK
* Let the scope do its thing - takes a minute or two, or five, go with the flow
* Reboot scope
* Verified all options now licensed ...forever... (Utility => System =>  Help => Option list)
* Bob's your uncleI suppose I shiouuld recalibrate now too, which according to Olliver goes like this:

* Make sure that the instrument has been operating for at least 30 minutes
* Disconnect all input channels (including probes)
* Utility => System => Self-Cal => Start
* Self calibration takes ~ 35 minutes to complete
* When complete, reboot the scopeI verified that all options were upgraded ...forever... (notwithstanding what the effects may be of any future official FW updates I may decide to apply). I did not verify that the patch disables the "phone home" firmware upgrade check, but I have no reason to think it doesn't. This patch does not enable the sshd daemon. To ssh as root into the scope, follow mabl's instructions - which needs to be reapplied after each scope reboot whenever you want SSH access.

This is not going to work for you if your installed FW is not version and having build date May 18, 2020. In that case you will need to adjust the patch.txt file in accordance with instructions that can be found in other posts.

Where the files and info came from:

* Basic GEL file from mabl
* Modification to disable "call home" FW updates from typoknig
* Modification for FW version May 2020 build from omgoleus
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Will this hack work with Rigol MSO5074?

If you meet the prerequisite FW and build versions then quite likely yes. I am investigating a bandwidth issue that may or may not be real. Everything else for me worked out ok. I think a lot of others have also had no issues. I would recommend doing a backup first though.


--- Quote from: hussamaldean on June 28, 2022, 09:55:55 am ---Will this hack work with Rigol MSO5074?

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--- Quote from: gb243 on June 28, 2022, 01:55:09 pm ---If you meet the prerequisite FW and build versions then quite likely yes.

--- End quote ---

You know about the secret menu, right?

Hi all,
I´m new to this forum and have been trying to find my way around this thread. This is not so easy, the thread is miles long....
I have a Rigol MSO5074 and would like to use the frequency expansion and function generator. Can someone please summarize the current state of the hack and explain it to me for dummies?
I am still a virgin as far as Linux is concerned....
Is post #2251 the latest hack?


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