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Hacking the Rigol MSO5000 series oscilloscopes

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I already managed to solve it, try several times the secret menu and as quickly as possible select restore defaults until it reboots itself and it's working again, updated and without hack

Glad to see you get it back up and running. 

Given some of the failure we have seen here, if it persists and if I were Rigol, I would have pulled the update and figure out what's going on.  Clearly more testing and a set of update instruction are needed.  No customer should have to jump through hoops just to get a firmware upgrade like what we are witnessing here.   :palm:

I agree, for my part I already sent an email to technical support mentioning the problem I had without mentioning the hack obviously

Quick question:
How do we know there aren't 2 completly diffent IC's under those 2 big heat spreaders?

Let's pretend it's not a 4ch x 2GS/s 8bit ADC and instead it's an 8ch x 200MS/s 6bit ADC
also it's not a Kintex K7 160 but instead maybe a more like a Spartan 7...
you know...
more like...
IC's we''ll find in hardware in the same ballpark.

At around 1.6GS/s this scope would IMHO max out at around 400, maybe 430 MHz  ;)
and if I'd be the in the marketing department and the tec guys are telling me the new fancy schmancy homebrew ADC is an 8 channel, 10 x timesampling, 6bit ADC I would go balls out and just call it X8106A, in yaaaa face!!!

And for the FPGA, if the customer can tell the modell only by looking in the binary... I wonder why they chose a Kintex-7 160, I'd make a Virtex XC7VX1140T  ;)

I maybe just made up a conspiricy theory here,
or Rigol isn't selling this scope at a big loss at all?!?

Thanks a lot for your advice, unfortunately it's not working. It's look like I'm unable to rollback  :'( I regret a lot todid the upgrade because I bought this device solely because reading this thread I knew I can use plenty of the functions. And now...

I will wait until some of the true hackers here provides a patch, if possible to made. In the mean time, I will continue investigating why I can't go back. Thank you! Regards!


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