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Hacking the Rigol MSO5000 series oscilloscopes

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TL;DR This thread is only for hacking of the Rigol 5000 oscilloscope. I own a Rigol 5000 series oscilloscope and have tried the old (Rigol 1000z & 2000A series) trick of dumping the RAM using SCPI commands but unfortunate this does not appear to work on the 5000 series. Next step is trying the JTAG memory dumping method.

Since the previous thread about the Rigol 5000 series oscilloscope has been completely derailed from discussing the Rigol 5000 to arguing about A and B brands and if Lecroy and Tektronix are still A brands etc, I would like to start this new thread dedicated to hacking of the 5000 series.

To keep this thread clear from what made the previous thread unusable from a Rigol 5000 hackers perspective I would like to set some simple rules for it.

* This tread is only for hacking the Rigol 5000 series oscilloscope
* If you would like to discuss other things such as if you should buy the 5000 series or what is an A or B brand then please post that in a different thread.

With that over with lets discuss what hacking progress has been made so far.
I have tried on my 5000 series scope the SCPI memory dump command that was successfully used on the Rigol 1000z and 2000A series oscilloscopes. Unfortunately the command does not work on the 5000 series. When using the memory dump command with Netcat on my mac I get no reply from the scope and when using RigolBildschirmkopie I get “there was an error when sending the SCPI comand”. To verify that SCPI was working I tried the *IDN? , :SYSTEM:TIME? and the SYSTEM:DATE? commands and they worked with out issue.

Rigol appears to have either removed or changed the name of the SCPI command used to dump the memory on the older scopes. At this point I think using  JTAG to dump the memory is our best bet. I will post an update when I know more.

I have now opened my Rigol 5000 series scope and looked for possible JTAG connectors. There appears to be spaces for two JTAG connectors on the board, one for the Zynq FPGA and one for the Spartan FPGA.

Unfortunately Rigol have not mounted the pin headers for the JTAG on the PCB.
This reduces there BOM cost by a few cents and makes connecting a JTAG programmer to the board more difficult.

I have attached below some images showing the inside of the scope and I have highlighted the possible location for the JTAG connectors. The connector that I am most interested in is small 9 pin one because it looks like the JTAG connector used to dump the memory on the Rigol 1000Z and 2000A series oscilloscopes.

I'd look at the unmarked 14 pin connector to the right.

After looking for a simple solution to the problem of not having pin headers mounted on the JTAG connectors and not wanting to completely disassemble the scope to permanently solder in pin headers I found solderless press fit pin headers. I have ordered some and my hope is that I can push them in partially, just enough to make good contact while still being able to remove them when done.

I wouldn't use press-fit connectors. You'll need to put way too much force on the board which might damage it. Ceramic capacitors don't like being bend. Just take it apart and solder a connector in.


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