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Hacking the Siglent SDM3055 Bench DMM

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During my SDM3055 reverse engineering... I've got 2 questions to you ?

Would you agree to pay a small amount for a new SDM3055 software (and maybe for the SDM3045) ?

Would you like to improve your SDM3055 by adding a some options ? (The SDM3045 may be compatible with these options.)

Thanks for your help !


I'm working on a hack to show more digit to the Siglent SDM3055
I've got a source voltage of 2.5V (not a reference voltage)

Original : 240 000 points / 5 1/2 digits

First hack result : 2 400 000 points / 6 1/2 digits

The hack does not work correctly but give interresting result.
To be continued.


Alexia, as requested. 2 of the latest app versions attached. Good luck!

New results with 7.5 digits
The calibration data are not currently loaded :

Mr. Scram:
Nice experiment! Not to rain on your parade, but are these numbers relevant? Do we know whether the 6.5 digit versions maybe have cherry picked or simply better references? I'm asking because many meters can show more digits but it's generally noise. Don't let it discourage you though and be sure to hack on!

I've noticed some mistake into the code :
A real value of 1.499995 is displayed 1.4999 instead of 1.5000.

But a value of 1.4999995 is displayed 1.5000. It's because the rounding is done with a value of 5.0x10-7


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