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Hall of Fame: eBay Shipping Vs. Murphy's Law

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So there I was: innocently looking though my personal files as I backed up my old PC before upgrading, and I stumbled across a folder I had made of all the broken equipment I've received from eBay over the past year. It really put into perspective how naive some sellers are when shipping vintage equipment that is either really delicate or really heavy. Or, as is often the case, both. It's like they want to tempt fate with terrible packing, poor or non-existent package materials or too small of box (or bubble mailer). Relying, instead, on cute "Hang in there!" posters for moral support, silent prayers to dubious deities for luck, and a spritz of wishful thinking for good measure rather than industry "best practices" on how not to have things break in transit.

But I digress. Rather than extol the mediocrity that is eBay, I present eBay Shipping Vs. Murphy's Law:

Ouch, yep i had a fair few similar ones.

It is how i found that adjustable wrenches are nice tools for clamping around the sheet metal housing and use the wrench as leverage to straiten it back out.

Stray Electron:
   My only question is weather that was USPS or UPS?

UPS certainly is capable of it:

No pic but I had a HP 8570A arrive stretch-wrapped to a pallet... (naturally it was raining too)


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