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I was browsing ebay today and noticed a Siglent SHS806 DSO, which I had not seen before. I thought I'd compile a comparison table to get a better idea of what's available on the market.

I chose not to include toy DSOs, like DSO Nano, or expensive, big-brand scopes. Also, due to my laziness, only the basic scope specs are compared.

(Looks like forum won't allow me to attach ODS files, so I put it on my website:

I'm surprised the non -N Owons are still availble - the newer ones are far more useable, the old ones had an appalling, borderline unuseable UI.
It's a pity most have adopted the larger form factor - the smaller Owon size is much more deserving of the 'handheld' name - the others would be a struggle to use one-handed.
Isolated channels may be a useful addition to the data


Channels isolation is one important feature and it also explain price for SHS1000 series.
It is so big difference that it is perhaps also good to tell for explain SHS1000 series price.

Thanks for the feedback, I updated the table to specify channel isolation.

You might want to check Velleman's offerings, particularly the HPS series.


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