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Hantek 1025G AWG now supported by Goltek Controller v1.0.5


a little announcement for 1025G "already" or "soon to be" owners. Goltek Controller (v1.0.5) now supports the device by putting a dummy file 1025G.dat in the application folder. Without the dummy file, Goltek Controller will functions normally on Hantek DDS3x25 as usual, as before. The support is confirmed by our new friend here, and a 1025G owner (i wish i could name him but i wont i havent ask his consent i wish he will). He provided me the link to the driver and SDK ... 1025G has the exact API except different dll name, so it was an easy fix. so here's the updated download link and help...

He was testing it under Win7 64 bits and successfully commanded the 1025G device.
I tested it under Win98 and Win7 32 bits, the app was running without error (but without connecting to the device)


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