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Hantek DSO2xxx schematics

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The F1C100s MCU has a boot loader that can load code from FLASH (SPI), SD/MMC card or go into the so called FEL mode. In this FEL mode it is possible to connect the MCU to a computer via USB. On the PC there is a tool sunxi-fel, which runs under linux, with which it is possible to read or write the MCU registers and SRAM, but not the DRAM, because that needs initialization.

By disabling the FLASH the MCU will go into this FEL mode when powered up.

See the other threads about the Hantek for more information on this.

Does anyone have a full nand w25n01g memory dump for dso2d15?

May I ask why do you need it?

Look at how much the dumps in nand itself differ between models.

As far as I know, nothing else than cache/system.inf file.
Hantek platform-tools don't care about the model, rewrites the whole flash.
After that, you get unknown model, but all options become enabled.

Better you continue this in the hacking thread, this is only for schematic, let's keep everything tidy :-+


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