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Title: Hantek DSO5102P FFT cursor issue
Post by: njswede on March 11, 2019, 05:01:51 pm

I just got myself a Hantek 5102P scope. My first impression is that it's a pretty capable scope. The FFT function works fine once you get the hang of it and work around a few quirks (like the fact that there's no easy way of setting the span).

One thing though, when in the FFT mode, the frequency cursor is off. It seems to be more off the higher the frequency. Check the attached image. I'm sending in a 623kHz signal. The frequency counter on my generator and the one on the scope agree down to the second decimal. And as you can see, the signal sits smack in the middle at the center frequency of 625hKHz. All well and good so far. But when I use the cursor, it says the frequency is 656kHz. Off by about 30kHz! It seems to get worse the higher the frequency is. Smells like a software bug to me. Anyone who's see this and knows if there's a fix?