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HANTEK HDG1022A sample code?


My company just purchased a new HDG1022A function generator. It works fine in stand alone mode. Using the RS232 interface I can make the included .exe program work (with fidgeting). But I would like to write a BASIC language code and/or operate the unit with a dumb terminal application such as the windows Hyperterminal session. I can't follow the command syntax to make this work, I.e. In a terminal session, 88RS232 does not engage the function generator. But with the Hantek .exe program, if I type this command in the user interface window, I can make it work. But Hantek gives no no source code, just the .dll drivers. Do you have a source code, or better, a BASIC example I could look at.
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1 - take it apart! Not a joke, i'm really curious what inside.

2- they migrated server (into nirvana) , so maybe the link only broken (

Create a ticket on , they will respond if that was only broken link

Btw, this should be actually MFG3000CH from Gong Chang, Hantek is probably rebadged them

Twintex TFG3500A should be exact the same DDS as well, but they have no SDK on their website :\

EDIT: yeah, ATTEN ATFxxB seems to be the same as well, at least the same person wrote user manual for all these
models and marked them (as well as the drivers and PC application, lol) as MFG3000CH.

I have an Atten ATF20B .  See attached main PCB pictures.
Panel pictures to follow.

Front panel pictures.
It has a JTAG connector.
Some unpopulated areas.

Thanks for the pictures, I have the RS 232 version, not the usb version of the HANTEK. The pc windows based software works, but I need some help to get it to run in remotely a terminal mode session, say windows hyperterminal.
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