Author Topic: Strange FW Screen freeze bug + Backup Calibration Data on BM257S?  (Read 349 times)

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Hello !
I have bought a brand new BM257S I have received after exchange on monday.
It is working well except a strange thing : it seems that the screen+bargraph freeze regularly when there's a lot of change on mesurement, it seems that it is something that deal with memory saturation because this one has very fast "crest" and "rec" fonction.
Here is a video I made for my retailer (that's why they send me a new one, but it has the same bug):
(1Hz with 5Vpp on my JDS6600 from RD official store, 6 times freeze on this video)

So for instance I keep it because I found it great, except for 2 things:
>can't check big capacitor like 4700µF
>diode ouput is only about 1.6V so can't check white and blue led.

Strange because I have a AN8008 and an unlocked UT210E with 2 AAA batteries too, and theses one have not these limitations.

Another thing:
I have my AN8008 and UT210E for about than 2 years now, that I have recalibrated after backing up the two 24C02 from the 2 meters.

So I would like to know if someone has already tried to backup the 24C02 of the BM257S ?
(I have seen some C_Er topics and I would like to be "protected" from that with reflashing the 24C02  ??? )

Thanks !
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Re: Strange FW Screen freeze bug + Backup Calibration Data on BM257S?
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Brymen has never answer to my question  :-\

So I don't know how their support is...

Also, I have recalibrated my BM257S with a U1272A which come from an Laboratory (I have it only a couple of days), and have a independant january 2020 calibration certificate (not from Keysight).

I have only calibrate the 3.000V/30.00V (yes, even it is a 6000 points, the internal references are in 3V).

Here are the button combination I have found after many tries:
- SELECT+HOLD + GO OHMS: screen "000.0"
- Select DCV : screen shows "3.000V" (the brymen waits for this 1rst step)
- Put a real 3.000V DC source and push SELECT+REL, the DMM shows the internal value of calibration (
- For store the new value : SELECT+RANGE
- Then Next Step or switch OFF.

Now my BM257s is always spot on this calibrated certified U1272A on the 6V/60V ranges.

So, after finding the right memory byte for unlocking the 1000A on the UT210E, I give you the answer for BM257s.

For U1272A users: do you find this one as a good DMM ?
I'm thinking about buying this one, but it's more than 400€ so I prefer asking before..Thanks !

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