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have ever you seen multimeter back light change the last counts on the display?

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The culprit is a newly acquired OWON XDM1241.

Anytime the backlight intensity is turned up from zero the last digits change by around 3 to 5 counts.

Has anyone experienced the same with a factory stock multimeter of any brand?

I  emailed OWON and in two days responded with an exploration from the teckies and I wait to see.

Perhaps I might be offered a firmware upgrade we shall see.

No, I haven't!

I wonder if the vref is just the regulated supply for the meter logic ICs and dips a little when you load it up with the backlight?

That's not something I have encountered either - but I agree with AVG's suggestion that the voltage reference might not be as stable as you would hope.  The other possibility being the higher current in the backlight circuit is being coupled to the measuring circuitry by some means - which, if it were the case, would suggest either a poor physical layout, a faulty component or a component not fitted properly.

I am curious as to whether this phenomenon is better/worse at different ranges and is/isn't proportional to the measured quantity.

Not the same but similar. My OWON B41T+ adds an extra degree when backlight turns on while measuring temperature. Turn on bluetooth and you go up one more degree. So logging temperature with any confidence is out of the question.

The com terminal on the POS also broke recently.

Now I have this quirk I will do some testing across all ranges over the week end.
I agree the display power supply is taken NOT from its own regulator circuit more like an after thought but without the obvious wire soldered across the board.
I bought the OWON out of curiosity and was on sale price with 0.05% DC and it takes up no real estate unlike my ancient Fluke 45

OWON replied to me in two days and I wait for engineers assessment.


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