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Historic Tektronix videos back online--neat stuff for test equipment geeks!

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I've put all the non-youtube videos here if anyone wants to download and save them:

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--- Quote from: free_electron on August 26, 2013, 05:29:17 am ---this is a really cool one and should be required to watch by anone that wants to make a circuit board

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Very interesting. Thanks.

Is that manufacturing process the reason for the gold plated PCBs in some old HP gear?

That process was the original double sided board process. So yes, that is the reason you find these gold boards in so many really old machines.
That is also the reason doublesided was not done for consumer. It was too expensive.

When they switched from gold to tin (and fecl to sodiumpersulfate as etchant) and  the cost collapsed. They also stopped doing selective plating removing the need for ink printed silkscreens and went the photographic way allowing much thinner structures. So density bloomed and the cost collapsed.

The tin/sodiumpersulfate process is still in use today.

They use alkaline etching process which was new for me 2 years ago.

What a treasure!  Thanks N2IXK for bringing this up front.  A definite bookmark for me.

One of my favorites is Building A Ceramic CRT (1967).  Not only is the ceramic CRT fabrication process interesting and informative, that nostalgic (though somewhat too loud) '60s jazz background music adds a touch of intrigue; it is actually synchronized with sequences in the film.



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