Author Topic: R&S NGE103B constant current mode is reading back voltage in 100mV steps  (Read 130 times)

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i try to use a R&S NGE103B FW1.57 to aquire charging curves of batteries.
Therefore the supply is in constant current mode until the battery is nearly full.
When in CC mode the output voltage readback is jumping up in exactly 100mV steps and not increasing smoothly as expected.
Testing with a resistor revealed that the current regulation is working as expected in 1mA steps but somehow the internal voltage readback is losing one digit as soon as the cc mode engages.
So the charging curves logged with test controller are completly useless and i need to use another instrument for it.

When in CV Mode, the readback resolution is 10mV as expected.
Is this a common problem of this type of supply, because i cant find anything in the datasheet hinting at such a poor readback performance?

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