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How to let out the magic smoke in a UT61E


Some here might know that I fried my UT61E by trying to jam 2500 volts down its throat. It didn't like it and we are no longer friends. Well that's what you get when you push things to far.

Looks like i might just take a old set of phone line spark gaps and install them in mine......... I have plenty of them around, from dead fax machines that died from lightning hitting them. The spark gaps worked, but the power supplies never survive having the copper blown off them.

I first thought why is there such a big difference between the setting and the measured value.
Looked up your device and I saw that your device has an accuracy between 0 and +20% so +10% voltage is normal.
Nice to see the brymen handles it correctly although I don't expect to measure any such high voltages.


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