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HP 1630G Logic Analyzer
« on: June 24, 2013, 08:53:05 pm »
Picked up another Sunday evening Ebay purchase today, HP 1630G Logic Analyzer

bought just to take apart  :-/O so will probably pull it apart over the next few days and see whats inside, tbh i suspect there wont be too much interesting in it but i dont care, i just enjoy doing it  >:D

Came with a disposal document from Marconi dating from 2000 which also shows it's original purchase date and price of £28,560.00 (GBP) in 1991. Will have to see how this date checks out with the internals.

Only seemed to have one set of cables with it even though it's supposed to be 64 channel (the probe pods are all there) but came with 33 hp branded mini grabbers and 13 mini clips, perfect... i was just about to buy some cheap ones off ebay as well  :-+
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