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HP 3457A or 34410A?

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Just wondering what peoples thoughts were if they had to choose between the two

The 3457A appeals to me cause you can get them a lot cheaper on ebay

The 34410A or11A is more but it has support, better display, better connectivity, more measurement types...

Its seems, at a quick glance, they both have similar accuracy and resolution. Are there any other things  should consider (being able to get the 3457A for about a third the price of the Agilent is a pretty strong point)

For sure 34410A calibration data is not stored in those pesky battery backup ram.  :-\

This factor alone is a good advantage point among others that worth a consideration against 3457A.

Well, if money is not objection, I'd go for the 34410A 'cause it's more modern (not obsolete yet). Of course you pay a premium for that. But it all boils down to what you plan to do with it.

For hobby uses though, 3457A is more than adequate already :)

If the features, form factor and display suit you, then the 3457A is a very inexpensive way (compared to the 3441xA) to get the high resolution. I haven't looked at recent eBay prices, but a few years ago you could get one for around the $200 mark.

The 3441xA series has several advantages, including features, speed, display, communication interfaces and support. You do pay quite a premium for these advantages, however. If price is a concern and you don't need the extra features, then I wouldn't mind buying a used 3457A.

As for the backup battery. Buy a new one for a few bucks, don't screw up the replacement, and you're good to go for ten years or so. I prefer leaving the meter powered on and using a floating (unplugged) soldering iron to desolder and solder the battery. You might want to consider temporarily connecting a second battery in parallel if your area has a flaky mains supply.

Another vote for the 34410A if you can afford it, but neither if you don't really need the precision. They're both expensive; make sure you actually need it.

--- Quote from: alm on March 28, 2013, 01:39:28 pm ---You might want to consider connecting a battery if your area has a flaky mains supply.

--- End quote ---

We have never lost power at my house, and I still do this. It'd be just my luck to have it go out for the first time while changing the backup battery on something expensive and expensive to adjust...


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