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HP 8568B Compress command
« on: November 29, 2015, 11:09:03 pm »
Does anybody have experience with the Compress command on the 856X Spectrum analyzers?  I assume you can only use it from GPIB?  I've seen examples of 3 plots on one screen and though I could do the same with a Labview or Visual Basic application, I would like to take a crack at using the analyzer.

From the simple example I read, it looks like you can compress the trace and store it into one of the trace memories like A,B,C.  I don't see an example of where you then position the traces on the screen.

I picked up a beautiful 8568B about a month ago to supplement my Advantest portable analyzer.  Over the weekend I was able to find the RF preselector (85685a) again for what I thought was a good deal.  In reading thru some of the lit I found the multiple trace screens somewhat interesting for an old box like this.


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