Author Topic: HP E4421B: U13 on the reference board?  (Read 1066 times)

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HP E4421B: U13 on the reference board?
« on: March 18, 2014, 06:30:44 pm »
I might have an interesting question. I have an HP E4421B which has several defects  :'(. One of the problems is that someone removed U13 on the reference board. Does anyone have a closeup of this board? Mike(electricsstuff) did a teardown but I can't see the number on the chip. U13 is in the middle of the large number of tantalum caps on the board.

edit: after some probing I managed to figure out it is an LTC1021 10V reference. This is consistent with the marking shown in Mike's video (it says 2110 on the package).
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