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I just used a fully digital oscilloscope for the first time

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First DSO I ever used was a Tek 2430A in around 1989-1990.  A couple years later a TDS420 and then TDS520 as well as THS720A and TDS220 by the end of the 90s.  Since then, various other Tek DSOs as well as Agilent and Lecroy.  I've liked the 2 Lecroys (mid 2000s era ones) the best.  Some of the Tek models use a 1-2-4 scale instead of the traditional 1-2-5 and that means things not aligned with the graticals.  I still like to use the graticals for quick eyeball measurments even though yes there are on screen measurements and cursors.

The only DSO I've used that really annoys me is the TPS2024 mentioned in this topic.  We have 2 of these at work and one of them is currently in my home lab (checked out during the pandemic).  For whatever reason, these (both do it) will "hang" and be unresponsive to user controls at times as if the processor is off doing who knows what.  I have not had that happen with any other model or brand of scope.


--- Quote from: Fried Chicken on April 22, 2024, 10:12:51 am ---The TSP2024 is about twice as fast, but I would still consider it super slow.  Unless I needed the digital functionality, I would much prefer an analog scope for looking at that signal.

--- End quote ---

Once it boots (20 seconds or so) it is reasonably quick and responsive, so if that would still bug you it may be difficult for you to adapt to a DSO in general. 

The Keysight DSOX/MSOX series are probably still fastest when it comes to UI responsiveness. They do take a while to boot but the controls are almost instant, they have a very "analog" feel. It's a shame Keysight has been neglecting that market segment for a while now. Some aspects aren't really competitive anymore, especially the memory depth. But I'm not getting rid of mine anytime soon, I still like the way it low-key "just works" for a lot of things.

From memory, the older Agilent 54600 models had a similar feel as well.

I don't think I've used a TBS1000 but Tek has made some horribly slow DSOs over the years. I'm not judging anyone who finds that annoying.


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