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I'm involved in electronics for some time and I'd like to finally get an oscilloscope. I found that I've been running into many situations where I need one Like in testing power supplies over time. Some anyone own or suggest an oscilloscope I can get. Analog or digital? Price expectancy? Please help me!!!!

All depends on budget.

This post pisses me off.
Rather than come on the forum with 'I need a scope'. How about reading the forum first. There is a wealth of information on scopes here.

So stop being a lazy bastard and do some basic research and background reading first.

Dylan your question is overly broad to the point where it is difficult to give you an answer in a short response. First you need to very carefully assess your needs. This is not as simple as it sounds. Next to the Multimeter the Oscilloscope will probably be the second most used piece of equipment on your bench. Then you have to assess what your budget is and if you are able to forego that purchase to save your pennies for a more capable platform in the future. The prices of Oscilloscopes range from $400 for the cheapest models brand new to $16,000 for those with the highest capabilities. You say your work involves power supplies. Are you always going to be doing that ? Is that the only thing you want it for ? If so you should be able to get by with a scope at the lower end of the price range. But let's say you want to expand into Radio Work. Your old scope purchased for power supply work may not serve you for those purposes. That will require you to go out and purchase another scope. The same can be said if your work extends up into the VHF Spectrum, if you are going to do TV Work, or even Microwave work. Excellent bargains can be had on the used equipment market but you have to know what you are looking for and how to evaluate it's condition. A cheap scope may be more than acceptable if you have come to grips with the reality that you may have to purchase and 2nd or 3rd as your needs increase.

Dave has a number of Videos on scopes. You should view them all before you pull your money out of your pocket. Another excellent source of videos on Oscilloscopes is Alan Wolke's Youtube page. He is an Applications Engineer with Tektronix arguably the foremost producer of Oscilloscopes in the world. He has close to 90 videos up on his you tube page. About a third deal with oscilloscopes and range from questions deal with basic issues to circuits that can turn your oscilloscope in a TV Monitor. here is the link :

It will take a considerable amount of time to go through all of it but it will be time well spent.


Well, there are many threads about oscilloscopes...  :palm: Why to start a new one.


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