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I'm thinking of buying a new oscilloscope the question DS2102,DS2072, or DS1102E

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I'm thinking of buying a new scope. I'm currently torn between three models the DS2102(100mhz, 2GSa/s), the DS2072(70MHz, 2GSa/s), and the DS1102E(100MHz, 1GSa/s)

The DS2102 is the most expensive at $1,143 but has the deepest memory depth, twice the sample rate of the DS1102E, a really nice waveform capture/playback feature and a damn sexy widescreen display.

the DS2072 is the 70MHz version of the DS2102 but is $300 less for the sake of 30mhz difference in bandwidth.

The DS1102E is the cheapest option I'm considering. It only has half the Real-time sample rate of the DS2072 and DS2102, and only 16kpts of memory depth in single channel mode compared to the DS2072's 14Mpts and optional 56Mpts memory depth it seems abit like comparing a ferrari to a golf cart.

I'm starting to lean towards either the DS2072 or the DS2102 I was considering the DS1102E as my first oscilloscope but I'm getting the since based on the research I've done that I'd probably regret it.

Are there any other scopes out there that the hive mine would recommend I'm perty torn between price, specs, and what I actually need.

At the high end of your price range you can also look at the Agilent 2000X. Kind of depends on what you want.

If you really want a Rigol, buy the DS2102.

Not sure why you think you would regret an 1102 as a first scope... Dave used a 1052 in his videos for a long time and didn't seem to struggle..

Better yet get a 1052 and hack it to an 1102. I just did exactly that.. Its even easier nowadays..

The 2000 series beats the pants off the 1000 series in every way, so you can't really compare them.
If you can afford it, get the 2000 series.



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