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Insides of BK Precision 3831


I've been checking my new calibrator since it arrived yesterday. However I do not have many meters to measure with.

This BK Precision is an item I have listed on eBay and already in the box, so I wasn't going to touch it, but out of curiosity I opened it back up to use it to measure.

I ended up taking it apart and it is full of old discreet through-hole parts mixed with SMT parts and weird looking transformers.  ???

I'm posting this for your enjoyment.

That transformer is actually very good. It is called R-Core And it is better than toroidal. I don't see any weird through-hole and SMT combinations. There are through-hole electrolytic capacitors, nothing wrong with that. Some ferrite beads, optocouplers, voltage regulators, diode bridges and high power resistors. It is quiet normal that power parts are through-hole. And that big film cap just doesn't come as SMT.


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