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Hi all,

So I bought some days ago a Dino-Lite top end USB 3.0 digital microscope with its stand and I had severe compatibility issues with Windows 11 running under parallels on a M1 Mac, in a simple word: nothing did work properly. At the end I sent this overpriced stuff back. (almost 2000 euros)

So I am asking advice for something good with measurement capability software. Budget could be around 1000 euros.

Use is PCB inspection.


when you use usb on a mac VM, with hardware devices behind, it's far better to use vmware fusion than parallels...
I was unable to connect some usb programmers some times ago, and it worked directly wit h fusion.
just my 2 cts.
ps: on an m1 mac this could be different as fusion is not completely tested it seems

Hi danils,

Maybe you can check out the EAKINS IMX226 cam which embeeds a point to point distance and a circle diameter measuring feature. As a standalone device, no computer is required to use it : you just need a monitor with HDMI input and a basic USB mouse.
This newer model features a zoom control, additional measuring, recording and picture comparison tools and seems not to require any external lens. 


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