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Instek GDS2202a vs Rigol DS2202 - any Opinions?

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The Instek GDS-2000 seem to offer a lot of scope for the price.  Anyone have any experience yet?  I came across it searching for scopes of this class that still offer independent (alternate) channel triggering and the GDS-2202a has it.


Marmad (among others) brought up the GDS-2000A series as a suggestion in my own search and laid out a few points in its favor.  He links to another thread with a video by grego that's pretty interesting.  I'm on the lookout for more videos and posts from grego.  I'm sure Dave's crazy busy but I'm very much looking forward to his own review when he gets a chance, too.

--- Quote from: marmad on May 11, 2013, 01:26:42 am ---...the best buy for a high-quality, fast, four channel DSO at the moment is the new GW-Instek GDS-2000A series. The GDS-2204A is $1962 brand new (before any dealer discounts - which are being offered heavily at the moment) - and it is, without a doubt (IMO), a MUCH better scope for the money then the Agilent X2024A. It has more memory, bigger screen with more waveform display real-estate, many more triggers, faster waveform update rate, real 1mV/div (not the digitally 'magnified' scales as on the Agilent), cheaper upgrade options, and many more features. This is what I would buy if getting a four-channel DSO at this time - grego (another member here) posted some video about the DSO here.


--- End quote ---

I know I keep saying this (about more videos) but I'm working on it!  As time permits....

The GDS does do alternate triggering but it looks like the wfm/s rate drops fairly dramatically.  Not that that's really an issue since, well, you're using alternate triggering so you should expect it to drop.

Overall I've been enjoying it - it's easy to use, the response from Instek has been fantastic to issues I've brought up, they've been releasing firmware updates about every 3-4 weeks right now which you can take two ways: a) they have a lot of bugs or b) they are resolving them as quickly as they can.  I prefer "b" but having dropped $1700 on this thing I may be a bit biased.

If you can I'd jump to the 2204 instead as you can't upgrade that later (4 channels vs 2).  Not critical but in for a penny, in for a pound kind of thing.


Wait for a few months before the Rigol DS2000-S is released.
It looks very interesting.

Greg,  Can you tell me how the alternate triggering works with 3 or 4 very different signals? 


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