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Is the RiGOL DS1054Z still Dave's choice for under $500?

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Just watched Dave's video on this scope,  but the video is 7 years old:
Timestamped to Dave's Verdict:

I want a four channel scope, deep memory, triggers/decoders enabled, 100mhz.  And the Rigol DS1054Z has all of that.

My only real concern -- with my very limited knowledge -- is about the display update speed. I heard the newer affordable Sigilents are quite a bit faster?  I see a good affordable Sigilent 2 channel on sale for $287 right now on Amazon, but I really want four channels.

The only scope I have currently is the analog scope: Tektronix 2225.

Best price I see on the Rigol DS1054Z is on Amazon for $418 -- don't know of any sales (e.g. black friday)

Rigol DS1054Z was the only budget 4-channel scope at that time. But now, newer and more capable 4ch scopes are available, though slightly more expensive.
My personal go-to 4ch scope for ~500$ budget would be Siglent 1104X-E (hackable to 200Mhz, 2ADCs). There is slightly cheaper X-U version as well.

1104X-E is better than DS1054Z in almost every aspect, including UI speed.

If you are in the US then take a look at the GW Instek GDS-1054B (hackable to 100MHz). It is about the cheapest option to get a decent 4 channel scope on the US market. The Rigol DS1054Z is very outdated.

This company typically sells them at a low price; there is an additional discount for EEVblog forum members


--- Quote from: nctnico on November 24, 2022, 12:15:20 pm ---The Rigol DS1054Z is very outdated.

--- End quote ---

I wouldn't go that far, it still does the same job and this isn't a world with new models every six months.

If you're in the USA though, get the Instek. The price of those has dropped massively since Dave's video. The bandwidth will be slightly lower but it's a nicer 'scope.

Was reading a bit about the Gwinstek GDS-1054B.  It doesn't have ANY serial decoding?  The Rigol DS1054Z has quite a bit in that regard.


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