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Just bought a GW-Instek GPP-4323 power supply-First impressions etc.

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Just bought myself a GW-Instek GPP-4323 power supply from ELESHOP in Holland.
Cost breakdown as follows:

GW Instek GPP-4323 power supply    GPP-4323    1    €553.68 (£488)
GW Instek GPP-series LAN card    GPP-LAN    1    €30.00
Subtotal    €583.68
Shipping & Handling    €10.00
Grand Total (Excl.Tax)    €593.68
VAT-GB (21%) €124.67
Tax    €124.67
Grand Total (Incl.Tax)    €718.35

Total of £635.06. I paid 21% VAT whereas the VAT rate in the UK is 20%. Farnell quote £471 + VAT, so I could have got it for less with free postage and less VAT but no stock. SJS electronics quote £560.
I will post my first impressions when it arrives.

It's here and I'm happy with it. Nice quiet fan. Rotary encoder for control knob. Comes with 4 sets of leads with crocodile clips on one end and 4 mm recessed banana sockets on the other. And a green earth lead with a green 4 mm socket on the end.
Nice compact size and easy to use. The annoying beeper can be turned off. The sockets are recessed but I've bought some Pomona 2894-2 and 2894-0
adaptors that will allow more options.

I've checked some voltage outputs and I'll post the minimum and maximum outputs per channel later.
A bit annoying that it didn't come with a 3 pin UK IEC lead but soon remedied. Quick start guide is useless.
More later.

Yea, I'm still waiting on mine, got another month or two to go still.  I just HAD to have the LAN option for my GPP-4323, even though it can only be installed at the factory...  In China...  In the middle of a pandemic...  And I placed the order anyway in February...  I'm not sure I thought that one through well enough.   |O

I saw this PSU in a different thread and am rather tempted by it, but i _hate_ the recessed non-binding posts. So just to clarify, when you ordered it the eleshop photo showed normal binding posts, but the unit you received came with the recessed sockets? I'm hoping that their stock changed and they updated the picture, but it's probably in vain.

I also quickly checked tequipment and while they have it for a decent price it wouldn't generate a shipping quote - unfortunately they probably aren't allowed to send one to the UK :(

I think the EU/UK get recessed sockets and other markets get binding posts.


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