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Just orderd my first Scope rigol 1052e

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 call it a near mid life chrisis but since I found Dave's blog, I have rekindled my interest in electronics.  That being said I wanted to pass along some info that some other beginners may find useful.  First off what I decided to buy was a Rogol 1052e  ;D For a beginner like me I think that will give me something decent to learn on. Plus If i decide to "modify" it well that can be done to  ::)
     BY far the best price I have found was from rigol itself!  i went to and they had the scope listed for 329$ usd  ;D  it gets better I had some questions so i called the number rigol in OH well the guy told me that I could save an additional 30$ by answering 6 questions before I completed the transaction  AWsome I got the scope for $299 plus $15 s&H to boston.   The other interesting thing was that on rigol's webpage they had a link to dave jone's video where he did the step by step 100mghz hack of the 1052e  WTH   I brought this up to the rep on the phone and he said well that used to be popular when the 100mghz version was like double the price.  So I am thinking IF the manufacturer of the product has this associated with their sales webpage they are tacitly promoting this.  Mabee the new 1052e scopes from rigol can be still hacked???   can anybody confirm or deny thie?   I will post the sales link below any comments or insight welcome.  Hope anybody looking for a 1052e may save a little $ as well

I think that the newer model of this scope can not be hacked to upgrade it to the 100 MHz bandwidth.  I could be wrong so someone else might hop in with a better answer.  I have the 100 MHz version and have been happy with it except that the fans is a bit loud.   I have another fan so I may modify it.  I bought mine for around $400.00.

i heard the same thing however i did go out and get a stright thru series cable just incase the "bug" has not been fixed by rogol  :scared:

Any particular trick to getting the $30 price discount?

I'm looking to get my first scope, and the low-end Rigols seem to be my best bet. Bench space is very limited for me, and the price is in my current range (have spent a few thousand $ on other equipment for my workshop in the past 6 months, so the wife is losing patience with it). I've been delaying the scope purchase, but a price discount on top of the already low price would be all the incentive I need. Especially if the bandwidth hack still works. But even if it doesn't, I would be happy with just a 50MHz unit for now. My needs are very basic.

I bought a 1052e a month ago and it could be downgraded and  changed to 100 MHz bandwidth and then upgraded to version 4 and still working with 100 MHz bandwidth.
I followed the thread on here and it worked.



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