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Keithley 177 in Japan (100v, 50Hz)

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I had some help deciding to by a Keithley 177 for use in Japan (100v, 50Hz), a couple of years ago. Having saved USD 20 on postage (meter was on USD 38), thanks to a colleague offering to bring it over, now that C19 restrictions have been somewhat relaxed I finally have my DMM (only 2 years after the original purchase and with an obviously new crack in the case  :wtf:). Anyway, I have a few questions and could use some help please:

1. The device has a three pin plug and I only have 2 pin power. I presume that, given it's an AC input anyway, the polarity doesn't matter? Most Japanese plugs have two identical pins but I can find a US style one with a fat pin if necessary. Before anyone comments, there is never an earth on normal Japanese home wiring. I have tried plugging it in the "right way round" and the lights come on and numbers show.

2. Using a somewhat aged DMM for the first time, what do you recommend that I do to check that it's working? After powering on, for example, adjusting the zero knob doesn't seem to change anything but there were no leads anyway, so not sure that means much as yet.

3. If it's out of whack, is it worth getting it calibrated and is that even possible these days?



You can use a US-style 3-pin to 2-pin adapter, but please connect the ground screw/strap/wire on the adapter to a decent ground for safety.
Thanks for advice but doesn't quite solve my problem. I think that I'm actually going to change the cable entirely. In any event, there is no "decent ground" or any  ground, for that matter, available in my apartment.

Pretty much everything here is double isolated and doesn't have a ground connection. Using things that do require ground can be a bit nerve wracking. I don't think that I want to strap ground to Neutral, although that may not be the worst option.

Ultimately I'm not going to be using this meter with any serious voltage anyway, so safety probably isn't a major issue... until it is. I am not 100% clear on what the Ground protection provides protection from: mains leaking into test cables, checking too high a voltage... or what? Or is it just a matter of not being double insulated and having the opportunity to earth the whole thing (the case is plastic anyway).
Appears meter not working anyway, so bigger problems to solve first... Hey ho. Thanks!

The manual indicates an earth ground is required for safety; looking at the schematic implies this is connected only to the power transformers frame and screen. Using it without one shouldn't make it any more unsafe than any other class 2 appliance in your house, but there might be some noise on the supply, which may or may not affect the performance when you're playing around in the uV ranges.

There are some barely readable scans of the manual out there, xdevs has a clear one.


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