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Keithley 2110


Did not see that Keithley released new 5.5 digit multimeter for under $600..

Did anybody come across one of these?

Specifications are very good for that price range.

Wow, that is a good price.  I have enough meters, though, or at least I keep telling myself that...

ahahah me too...

I was thinking to buy HIOKI DT4282 and come across new Keithley...  :-//

It is on the market for some time. Compare it to the Picotest M3510A and you get the idea that it is rebadget. OEM is likely Array. AFAIK it was released by Keithley around the time they tarted up the company to sell it to the evil Danaher corporation.

Probably similar to the 2100, which was not well received. Stick to the 20xx series, these are actually designed by Keithley.


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