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Title: Keysight 34461A Application Error Dialog Covers Screen
Post by: ralphrmartin on October 26, 2020, 07:01:03 pm
I have a standard Keysight 34461a with (latest 3.02) firmware, which after it has been running for a few minutes, pops up a dialog error saying
Application Error Application AGILENTLXIWEBSERVICE.EXE encountered a serious error and must shut down.
This is extremely tedious as it covers the main display, and I can see no way of dismissing this dialog - so I have to reboot the device.

Weirdly, it only seems to happen if I also have some Rigol equipment on the same network, and indeed, I wish to use that equipment at the same time (I'm trying to calibrate it with the 34461a).

Does any one have any insight as to how to stop this happening? A firmware reload did not help. Thanks.