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Keysight dmm orange backlight opinions

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I am considering buying a Keysight U1233A but never used a dmm with these orange displays/ backlights. How are they compared to the traditional ones, easy to read in dim - poor lighting or not?
Thank you for all opinions.

I have several things with orange backlights and I don't find it to be a problem. It's more pleasing in dim conditions than the bluish white that is so common.

My Brymen has an orange backlight. I quite like it, it feels a bit retro/nixie.

The orangey-yellow backlight is the only thing I like about my Solartron 7150...   :-DD

David Hess:
There are physiological reasons to prefer white, or colors which are not blue.  Green was popular with CRTs because the combined sensitivity of the P31 phosphor and response of the eye is the highest, but the other two common alternatives were white, and orange.  If you ignore efficiency, then anything except blue is preferred.  Blue or violet are problematical because the eye has the worst discrimination at short wavelengths and has difficulty focusing.


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