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In Circuit Logic IC Tester
« on: April 26, 2020, 01:32:19 pm »
Is there one available within mortal budget ? (Not more than USD5K ?)

ATE definitely has some sort of capability to do it if programmed correctly based on what I've read, not that I ever used one, so do let me know if I have been reading science fiction and not science... :(

Saw someone recommending NEAT Mi, but unfortunately the guy at NEAT replied that they discontinued production due to lack of interest... :( Looks promising from what Ive read. Spec say it does not get affected by other device on board, but the device looks too small to be carrying some sort of driver with backdriving technology that will not fry neighbouring IC. If any of you interested in this, maybe start generating inquiry to the guy in hopefully enough mortal asking for it for the guy to start production again.

Arduino with a driver to do backdriving for logical input pin ? Generate vector test table library and use it to test logic IC in circuit ? Possible ?

Anyone can point me to the right direction ?

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