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Kiotto G-5040R Oscilloscope


My uncle offered me this Kiotto G-5040R oscilloscope, its a 2 channel 40Mhz scope.
I was wondering if anyone has ever worked with one and where can i find a manual for it.

I will post some photos in a few days.

Thank you.

Any one please?...  |O

I have never heard of Kiotto, how old is it? Maybe it is a re branded scope from another manufacturer, post the pictures and someone will probably recognize it

Kiotto seems to be an OEM as I see this brand in some other equipment (here and here - all in portuguese).

Regarding oscilloscopes, I found just a single post of someone selling a g5040 (a terrible picture is here, among others that have nothing to do with the equipment)

Other models seem to be more popular, and by searching for "osciloscópio Kiotto" (in portuguese) I found this discussion with a link to a G5020 service manual (or the guy says his in the link, despite the different name). It may help. Not sure.

I couldn't find much more on this brand, which may be an indicator of its popularity, age (before internet) or short lifespan. I suggest you search for the portuguese expression above and... good luck in your hunting!


Kiotto is just a brand created by the Portuguese company NIPOSOM ( in the late 70s.
All Kiotto branded instruments were in fact standard models manufactured by Taiwanese companies (some Kiotto DMMs were manufactured by Escort, now part of Agilent).

Chances of finding online a manual for Kiotto G-5040R scope are almost null…
You may try to contact NIPOSOM – Maybe they still have in their archives a hardcopy of the manual and can send you a copy.

Best regards,
Pedro Couto


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