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Kontron Computing Multimeter DMM 4040 Manual ?

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Long time ago, I bought this DMM and since then, I am searching for a manual or better a service manual.

I phoned around in Germany but no luck so far.
I searched the usual shops for a manual also no luck.

Maybe someone can help me out.

Guard terminal? External reference option? This is interesting meter. Open it up and let's see how it works  :-+


I think it is nothing special on this Meter, but who knows without manual or specĀ“s?

Here we go, a quick peek inside.

Analog Board.

Digital Board.

Back Side.

Is that a Caddock network near the bottom left on the analog board? These layouts are so dense, I can't pick out the reference. :phew:

Yep it is a Caddock.

and here, I think the Ref +  4 1/2 A/D

4 1/2 A/D for a 5 1/2 Meter ??


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