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So a mother of a student of mine told me about a garage sale in a closeby neighborhood where she spotted some equipment that 'looked like the stuff you had', and sent along some pics of a Tek 524AD and a Hughes Memo-scope 104, among other things, on their cart and looking in serviceable shape.  I'm not really a 'vintage' gear guy (my oldest stuff is late 80s/early 90s and most is last 20 years), but it's unusual to see at a regular garage sale, so I stopped by.  Apparently the owner of the equipment was a guy who was a materials scientist with interest in optics and electronics, and besides those there was an old Leeds & Northrup VOM, a set of 7 projector reels for a bad warner brother's movie, manuals and technical books, an all tube frequency counter that took up something like 5U of rack space, some old typesetting computers with 10" floppies, a bunch of lab glassware, and as told by one of the children cleaning out the house, apparently a bunch more scopes, oscillographs, and other things.  At a cursory glance, a lot of it was in long term storage but is in generally good condition.  The 524AD knobs felt just fine whereas the Hughes 104 didn't have quite the same detent and maybe could use some cleaning.

Now I don't think I'm the guy to get and rehab this old equipment, but I know there is some interest in it and potentially some interest in having it for museum collections - but only museums I really know of in the US are on the west coast.  Do you think it's worth me offering something for a chunk of it to resell?  Do you know of a reputable collection, collector, or other I could reference the family to if they need help getting rid of the stuff?  Are there any of you interested in having a look - they're just south of Rockville in Maryland and I'm happy to pass on the address, they said they would be running it as a garage sale tomorrow as well.

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